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kiddoo smartwatch for kids in blue

Kiddoo, the Smartwatch for your kids

Give your kids the means to enjoy the same freedom you had. 

Stay in touch with them at all times.

Open their mind to technology without the drawback of them having a phone. 

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Watch Features

kiddoo smartwatch for kids functions and features
kiddoo phone icon

Voice Calling

Want to chat with your kids? No need of a phone! Call them on their Kiddoo smartwatch, and talk to them directly!

Kiddoo icon messaging

Voice Messaging

A sweet word for your child or a quick reminder has never been so easy, send a voice message, and wait for their reply.

kiddoo icon safety zones

Safety Zones

Get notified when your child leaves an area you have set. No more cold sweats when your kids are on their way to school or biking around. 

Smart Locator

kiddoo icon smart locator

Wanna know where your kid is? Kiddoo uses a combination of GPS, WiFi and mobile networks to give you a precise location.

SIM Card

kiddoo icon sim card

Our watches work with a SIM card. Easily get in touch with your kids without the drawbacks of them having a smartphone!

Social Pairing

kiddoo icon pairing

Happiness is for sharing and that's why Kiddoo is even more fun when used with friends. Kids can pair their watches and send each other voice messages! 

kiddoo smartwatch for kids with phone

How it works

You just bought a Kiddoo for your kid? No complicated setup needed!


Install the Kiddoo app on your phone, and insert a sim card in the Kiddoo watch. Enter the serial number of the watch and the sim card phone number in your Kiddoo phone app.


That's it! You can now enjoy all the Kiddoo features!

kiddoo smart watch for kids logo
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App Store

Let them take off!

Give your kids freedom and autonomy

without having to worry about it.


30-31 JAN 2018

6-9 FEB 2018

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